Mr. Arvind Dambalkar

Great doctor and very empathetic individual. Was suffering from disturbed sleep and spent number of sleepless nights from last 3 years. Life was so disturbed as I was feeling drowsy all the day and had almost decided to leave my job. Everywhere I was diagnosed as sleep disorder until I met Dr. Gupta, who eventually diagnosed me as "Restless Leg Syndrome" and started me on just one medicine at night and that too not a sleeping pill. My sleep cycles are back to normal. Thanks Dr. Namit and will strongly recommend him.

Mr. Param Kumar

He is one of the best Doctor for Neurology Disease Treatment. He is a boon to my father. Has lot of patience and explains each and every symptoms and possible treatment in detail. Touches patients with smile and takes personal care. Thanks a lot Sir. I recommended to meet him for treatment.

Mr. Avinash

Dr. was very good, he investigated the patient very well, and explained the diesae and it's treatment , for 7 yrs none of the dr neurologist have ever told this is my disease, they only write medication. But Dr. Namit after his examination has not only said " fibromyalgia" but also why it happens and the treatment in detail.

Mr. Pawan Kumar Shukla

My wife is suffering from seziure from year 2010. After visited many neurologist in Delhi-NCR, we both were frustrated. Then someone refer to Dr. Namit Gupta. We have visited to doc at Dec 2014. After diagnostics he started the medicine. Today we both are happy for treatment of Sizure from doctor.

Mrs. Anupama

Thanks Dr. Namit for getting me out of the cage. Was suffering from severe chronic backache since last 3 years and had tried all sorts of treatment from allopathy, accupenture to what not. Met Dr. Namit six months back for the same and rest is history now. Now off medications entirely and its all fine. Thanks Dr. Namit and will 500% recommend him.

Mrs. Rekha Jain

My husband's treatment going under dr. Namit and we are satisfied. Personal wise Dr. Namit is wonderful person and treatment with min. Investigation and tests.

Mr. Ashish Kumar

Good experience. He listened me carefully and also told to contact by phone if there is problem. His medication cured my headache in few days.

Mr. Sagar Singhal

Overall great experience. My headaches are becoming less frequent. I am feeling much better now. Will continue the treatment till it is completely cured.